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Moving towards a Sustainable Future

  Moving towards a Sustainable Future: SUNVEC Highlights in 2023 In line with the vision of a cleaner and more sustainable future promoted by the Association of Renewable Energy Producers (APPA), SUNVEC, Vector Energy’s solar inverter division is proud to have been a fundamental part of the advancement of the photovoltaic self-consumption sector in the […]

ADIME interview with Vector Energy about the electrical distribution channel

  Interview with our Business Development Manager Jordi Martinez at Electro Eficiencia and Adime Distribución to analyze the current situation of the electrical distribution sector and the support that Vector Energy and SUNVEC can provide. ‘We know how important it is to have travel companions like ADIME, and to develop strong relationships’. After extensive experience […]

[Technical article] String Tension Control

  The variation in ambient temperature in winter or summer can negatively affect the performance of a photovoltaic solar pumping installation and increase associated costs such as diesel consumption if it is a hybrid installation with a generating set.  To avoid these inconveniences, it is advisable to install STC-1 string voltage controllers in solar pumping […]

What is a BESS?

  A BESS (or Battery Energy Storage System) is a type of energy storage system that captures energy from various sources and stores it in rechargeable batteries for future use. Depending on their capacity, measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), and their power, measured in kilowatts (kW), they can be used to power a wide range of […]

New installation of a 6kW three-phase SUNVEC grid inverter

  New installation of a 6kW SUNVEC three-phase grid inverter at Fundació Mona (Girona), a center specialized in the recovery, welfare and conservation of primates that have suffered mistreatment. The photovoltaic installation consists of 12 panels of 500W and the commissioning of the equipment has been supported by SUNVEC’s technical service. Congratulations on the installation […]

[Technical article] How to design a solar pumping system with inverters: the solar field

1.-Droughts In a context of increasingly frequent and persistent droughts, environmental awareness and sustainable development, the integration of technologies such as solar pumping with frequency converters is becoming an increasingly necessary option in water management. The search for new extraction points and the increasingly efficient distribution of water is leading to the installation of pumping […]