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What is a BESS?

A BESS (or Battery Energy Storage System) is an energy storage system (ESS) that captures energy from various sources and stores it in rechargeable batteries for future use. If needed, electrochemical energy is discharged from the battery and supplied to homes, vehicles, industrial facilities and businesses.

Components of a BESS:

The fundamental components of a battery energy storage system are:

– Battery system. This has individual battery cells which are capable of transforming chemical energy into electrical energy. These cells are arranged in modules which, in turn, form battery packs.

– Battery Management System (BMS). This is one of the most important security layers of the system. It is responsible for monitoring the status of various cell modules, controlling their status and parameters; the state of charge (SOC) and state of health (SOH), their internal temperature, thus protecting the batteries from fires and extending their useful life.

– Power Conversion System (PCS). They are power electronics systems formed by one or several modules called inverters, which act in a bidirectional way, charging and discharging the batteries. Their operation is based on the conversion of direct current (DC), which is the state in which it is stored in the batteries, into alternating current (AC), which is the state in which it is found in the electrical grid.

– Energy Management System (EMS). It is the main brain of the equipment and is responsible for monitoring and controlling the flow of energy through the equipment and batteries. An EMS organizes the work among the various BMS, PCS and other ancillary components that make up the BESS. By collecting and analyzing energy data, an EMS is able to efficiently manage all of the system’s energy resources as required by the application at hand, depending on the service it is providing. It also communicates via IoT technologies with the outside, both for remote monitoring and control and to facilitate data acquisition.


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