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New range of ST disconnect switches

  Vector Energy presents the new range of ST disconnect switches for the cabinet door mounting, for intensities from 16 to 250A. The STrange offers a compact design and easy installation, with high electrical and mechanical durability and high breaking capacity. The range has 3 and 4 pole models, with standard black or red control […]

New SUNVEC Datalogger self-consumption and zero-injection manager

  Vector Energy presents the new SUNVEC Datalogger, a device for the monitoring and management of self-consumption and zero injection of low and medium voltage photovoltaic installations. SUNVEC Datalogger is a highly flexible and adaptable device that allows smooth and efficient communication between PV inverters and connected devices, regardless of distance or type of measurement. […]

New MCCB UTV switches up to 1000Vac for photovoltaic systems and ESS systems

  Vector Energy introduces the new range of LS Electric UTV molded case circuit breakers (MCCB), specifically designed for the electrical protection of photovoltaic installations, energy storage systems (ESS) and wind generators located at high altitude. This new range of UTV circuit breakers offers a high breaking capacity (up to 1000Vac) suitable for the increased […]

We present the new SUNVEC Datalogger

‘Sunvec Datalogger: The key to efficient solar control’ ☀ Sunvec Datalogger is your ally in industrial photovoltaic installations. Its flexibility and adaptability allow fluid and efficient communication between photovoltaic inverters and the different connected devices, regardless of distance or type of measurement. ✅ Certified power injection control ✅ Advanced monitoring of electrical network  ✅ Monitoring […]

Vector creates new Power Quality division

  Vector creates Power Quality business units for harmonic filtering and reactive power compensation solutions. Vector Energy, a Spanish company specializing in technology and products for energy management and automation, has announced the creation of a new business unit for the development, marketing and industrialization of solutions for improving network quality that presents the challenge […]